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Protect Your Profits Using Credifax/CredinetSolutions


Reporting Services

Credifax provides ease of access to the credit information you need, in an online format, to protect your profits, including: 

•Canadian Commercial Reports
•USA Commercial Reports
•IRS Reports (Investigative Service)
•Bank Reports (CDN & USA)
•P.P.R./P.P.S.A. Reports 

Collection Services

As a leading provider of commercial collection services, we offer a variety of debt recovery solutions to suit your specific needs. Including:

•Final Notice Program 
•Direct Listing System
•Collection Letter Programs
•Debt Collection Services

The Credinet Advantage

Our Credinet™ platform combines the strength of a credit group with real-time online information to minimize credit risk. 

• Minimize the risks of credit granting
• Identify problem accounts early 
• Fast, accurate, trade reference updates


No matter where you are…

Credifax is proud to have grown from our roots in Atlantic Canada, to serve customers far beyond our local client base. Our Canada-wide network of distributors and partners enable us to serve a variety of industries online, and across several time zones, on the Credinet™ platform.


Growing Partnerships

Our strategy has been to align ourselves with other widely respected companies in the credit industry, enabling us to provide a truly national service offering to our respective customers. All credit reports available from our partners, in Ontario and Western Canada, are available on our Credinet™ platform. Credifax is your one-stop shop for commercial credit reports across Canada.


Need access to trained collection professionals?

Our Assisted Receivables Management Service (ARMS) is a comprehensive and cost-effective outsourcing alternative, providing you with the qualified staff you need, short and long-term.


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