Reporting Services

Commercial Reporting 

•Full Investigative Reports
•File Reports
•File Updates
•Bank Reports
•Incorporation & Officer Info
•Corporate Verifications 
•Public Records Searches
•Construction Project Reports
•Business Principal Reports
•Insolvency Searches

Bulletins & Alerts

Don’t be the last to learn that a customer is having credit problems – improve your reaction time with our early detection alerts.  Weekly publications of collections, returned cheques and public records keep you informed. 

Credit Group Services

We enable suppliers to communicate with their industry peers more effectively, resulting in time savings and reduced credit risk. We offer real-time online credit exchanges and sit-down meetings in a variety of industries.

P.P.R/ P.P.S.A. 

Credifax has online access to conduct searches of the Personal Property Registries, centralized registries that serves all provinces in Canada, allowing individuals and institutions to record their financial interest in personal property (cars, boats, appliances, etc.).

USA Commercial Reports 

U.S. Commercial Reports are available within minutes of inquiry during regular business hours on over 10 million U.S. companies.

Consumer Credit Reports 

As an extension of your authority, we are authorized to conduct reviews on an individual's personal credit history, including reports on the principal(s) of unincorporated businesses, sole proprietorships, and partnerships. 


Reduce credit risk by using our specialized reporting services to make informed credit decisions.

Our Credit Group customers enjoy a complete range of industry-specific tools and services, enabling them to make more informed decisions and better control credit risk. We offer specialized Credit Group Meetings, Online Exchange ServicesReal-Time Alerts and Account Monitoring, notably in these industries:

•Heating Wholesale
•Trucking Service & Supply
•Heavy Equipment
•Electrical Wholesale
•Construction Supply

•Industrial Supply
•Food Services & Advertising
•Plumbing Wholesale
•And more…

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Your service is always helpful and efficient. Any issues are always looked after right away.
— Electrical Wholesale - (Cambridge, Ontario)
I appreciate the value of immediate credit information when required and the instant ability to reach out to industry peers for further credit information…
— Asphalt & Paving - (Toronto, Ontario)