Increase efficiency for information gathering and ongoing account monitoring. 
“Put the power of your credit group at your fingertips!”


Online Group Exchange

Our specialized platform enables our group subscribers to exchange critical trade references and collection experiences with ease.


Group Trade Request - the easier way!

Credinet™ allows you to gather current trade reference information from your industry peers in real-time, online. The best part is, Credinet™ gathers and collates the information into a consolidated trade credit report.

+ Free Reciprocal Reports
Any group member that replies to a Group Trade Request is given free access to the consolidated credit report on that subject - it’s our way of saying thanks! 


Group Alert System

Credinet™ issues instant alerts of any returned cheque, collection, builder’s lien, etc., reported by other group members.


Monthly Account Monitoring

Credinet™ identifies those accounts that pose potential risk to your bottom line. Every month, our Account Monitoring Report flags those high-risk accounts that warrant your review.


Credit Application Scoring

All applications submitted on Credinet™ are credit scored using the trade information supplied & compiled from other suppliers. This valuable information is derived from Supplier Confidence, Negative Occurrences, Aging Info and Trend. Credit scores are updated on a continuous basis, quickly identifying which of your potential, or existing customers, fall into higher risk categories.


Report Trending

Trending analysis is very useful for identifying erosions in payment performance and increased risk. With our Credinet™ Report Trending feature, we make it easy to gather the insight you need on your subject’s payment history and financial stability.


Master Search

Knowing the past may enable you to foresee the future! Credinet™ gives you the power to search the business background of the directors and officers named in a credit application. Our Master Search feature identifies other companies that may be related and their credit history. Another feature enables you to search for related companies, by phone number. The Master Search system is free for subscribers.



Credinet™ Advantage Plus with TAP

Get the Reports Flowing with our Trade Acquisition Program (TAP)

Do more with less... Our Trade Acquisition Program users enjoy all the benefits of their credit group exchanges, without the work! Submitting your receivables information electronically, results in enhanced monitoring of your entire receivable portfolio. TAP provides you with free access to every credit update on your existing customers in your online group, or at credit group meetings. 

Putting your receivables information to work for you facilitates the ongoing credit monitoring and exchange processes, enabling you to address more productive responsibilities.

Save time and improve your efficiency with TAP!



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